Monday, 27 June 2016


WALT to be story tellers

Description: so when the year sixes go to Japanese the year 5s and 4s do storytelling with with joys class and Brenda's and so first we listened to 5 story's of how the constellation got into the sky and joy Brenda Rosie and whaea metarena and a real story teller and then we made our own and we got a star map to find a constalasion 

Target green

Feedback Ilike the Order of things 

Feedforward net time spell constellation right

The  success critarea 
  • Add detail, through actions or the way you stand
  • make sure your story makes sense
  • descriptive language
  • tell the story in the right order
  • Beginning, middle and the end
  • expression
  • have a clear voice
  • Be creative
  • involve your audience
  • practice
  • Good pace, take your time but not too much time
  • Use a few props
  • Scene
  • Eye contact with the audience
  • building suspense
  • changing your voice
The star map 
The order of my story
My story bourd

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