Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Is el rancho a safe and friendly place

W.A.L.T write a persuasive argument 

We came back from camp and we were introduced to learning again and so Rosie gave us a new task to write so we had to make a persuasive introduction and we had 3 points and we would be for the statement or against and the statement was is elrancho a safe and friendly place?

I think that you should get a green target and that your writing was really persuasive.Jamie
I think that I did well with my writing so I give me a green target

Is el rancho a safe and friendly place, well the place of elrancho is beautiful  and there are fun activities but there dangerous on the inside. And there are a lot of sharp objects in the elrancho grounds but down below these grounds is deadly. And there are instructors but intalagent peaple like you and me know that they tell lies and they tell lys about other camps that are safer than elrancho 

1 paragraph 
Firstly there are many dangerous activities like rifles and archery and many more.parents probably don't like there children shooting guns or even being near guns.when I went to rifles someone from my group had a bullet in the gun and the safety trigger was on and it shot and it just missed his foot.we got to get our targets and the instructor was in there and someone was about to shoot.and I highly disagree that elrancho is a safe and friendly invierment 

Second paragraph 
Secondly there are some dangerous water activities like the water slide and rafting.kayaking is another dangerous activitie because a boy in my group fell into the water and almost froze  to death.when I was just paddling around in the kayak I got hit in the face with a paddle.we asked if there was earls then the instructors ignored us so there must of been earls in the water.the instructors made us stand on the kayaks and my mums a nurse and she said its dangerous to stand on kayaks because there was a guy in hospital and he stood up on the kayak and then the kayak flipped and then he almost drowned 
3 Paragraph 
If you think very carefully you can see that some activities are dangerous and some seem fun to do like low ropes but it can be dangerous too. Horses is another fun but dangerous activitie because there are some naughty horses and they can kick you which will make you go to hospital.when I went on my horse it was going well until it nearly made me go flying off his back and that would hurt

I think that I have proper evedence to convince a result elrancho is not a safe and friendly invierment.and I will not bring my hopeless family to elrancho.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Geometry passport

W.A.L.T position and orientation 

Rosie brought my group to the mat and introduced to us scale maps and a scale map is putting a little thing into a big map and we have also been doing angles and this is what we did so we made a circle and put four lines in it and on the outside we would draw some thing like one eighty degree turn so what that is a half turn in words so all you do is turn around on the half way point

I think I have some clear photos and a great discription so I give me a green
Jamie says my discription is great and you got a lot of photos to explain 

El rancho

W.A.L.T build positive relationships
The year 5 and sixes went on camp in week 6 and every night we had to write in a book and was called our camp dairy and then in the book it would ask us questions like which activitie was most challenging and how did you over come this
Well I think I did good but I could of done better so I give me in between green and yellow 
I think that your post is very good so I give you a green from jada 

Thursday, 3 March 2016


W.A.L.T analysing questioning
I had to work with Braydon and we had to get two questions from each page and put them on the peace of paper we had and our book was mythical beasts and here are some of our questions


W.A.L.T about position and orientation 
At maths time Rosie emailed us a geometry slide passport thing and there wher tacks for us to do and there wher games that would help us with the four tasks
I give me a green because I think I did well at trying not o do the tasks
Braydon gave me a green for the same reason as me


W.A.L.T to retell the story
We had to work in our whanou groups and we had to retell the story of okatia 
Green because you did  a long story and you put a lot of detail in it. By Memphis.
I Give me in between green and yellow because i think we could of done more writing
A long long time ago before humans walked the land, there was a spirit and his name was Okātia. He became part of the tōtara tree. This tōtara tree was bigger and stronger than any other tree in the Puketoi forest. He thought that he was the best, the biggest thing in the world because he looked down at everything. His branches reached into the sky. As he towered over his neighbors he heard about Moana the gigantic, ginormous sea. When he could wait no longer he pulled and pulled until his roots came up. He fell on his side and started to roll through the forest, collecting dirt, stones and small ferns. As he was tumbling down the hill destroying Tanes beautiful forest, he made Tane annoyed with him.
Okātia destroyed everything in his path. He took a breath and looked around.  Immediately he knew he was near the towering hills. A  gigantic rocky wall was right in Okātia’s way. He was still dizzy from rolling over hills and rocks. He hit the wall with his trunk, he did it multiple times but the wall didn't budge. He did it again but nothing happened. But on the third try he crashed the rocky wall with all his might. It started to crack shaking the ground like a earthquake. Almost frighten to death, he slipped falling through the crack and used all of his might to pull himself up.  

Okatia came out of the rocky gorge and rolled onto Foxton beach. He was so tired. His branches snapped off. Now he looked like a new growing tree. He didn't look mighty or muscular anymore. Okatia crashed and smashed  into the sea.  The water tasted like nothing he had ever tasted before. He thought that must have been the sea. It tasted like sour and rotten plums. The waves crashed over him immediately and tore his branches off. The ocean carried him far far away and no one ever found him again.