Wednesday, 25 November 2015 invention.blooms creating

Riley put me between developing understanding and proficient understanding. Sorry that I just got one picture

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Quentin put me on the third proficient understanding

W.A.L.T. Write a limerick

The success criteria 
What do we know?
That it's a poem - Jamie
It's like a crazy poem -  Quentin
I've never heard of them - Harrison
I know that a limerick is a limerick - Sam

24 November 2015

Success Criteria:
It's a nonsense poem - it still needs to make sense - but it can be silly (Luke)
Your meant to rhyme with it and it's silly - Jamie
It's like a funny poem - Phoenix
The rhyming words need to be real words - Logan
That it is a non - realistic poem - Arisha
The rhyming has to be in a pattern - 2 lines rhyme then the next 2 have to rhyme and the last one Rhymes with the first 2 - Qwade
Aabba - Milania
There are five sentences - Quentin

Monday, 23 November 2015

reading.blooms understanding

                 The Goldilocks Story                             
Once upon a time in the forest, three bears were strolling along in the woods. And there was Ma bear, Pa bear and little Baa Baa bear and Baa Baa bear is a sheep. Oh no! wa-bam into the Goldilock story AGAIN. “Mmmm, yum porridge” said Baa Baa bear. When Baa Baa bear watched TV Ma bear and Pa bear tried to sit on the chairs.Then the door bounced open and Bo Peep was at the door. She was looking for her sheep. “Oh there's one of my sheep” said Bo Peep. Then she chased after the sheep. Pa bear said to Bo Peep, “this is my son”. At that time the door flew open again and Goldilocks was at the door.Goldilocks said to Bo Peep “GET OUT OF MY STORY”! “In your basket is tomato sauce and I will take your hat”, said Goldilocks. See you don't have to worry it's the Big Bad Wolf. “Oh no I will try to trick a different fairy tale like the Little Red Hen, said the big bad Wolf
                The End!
Riley put me in proficient understanding

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Maths challenge

HDistance Challenge - Each person in your group has to make a paper plane and measure how far it can fly inside the hall and outside. Make sure you have a starting point. Make sure you decorate it!.my one outside went 14 metres and 99cm.
And rileys one outside went 8m and 75cm.
My one in the hall went 11m

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


capacity is the maximum of how much the object can hold.the yogurt container is 1.20 litres.