Monday, 21 September 2015

wearable art production

feelings.I felt challenges when i was createing my wearable art.I felt like the slowest sloff on earth but i got there
facts.when i used the pva glue i got it all over my hands.i was terrified about dancing but i did well 
goals.i think i should work on my dance moves.i think i should of learnt more about my person skill was painting the humungous box.was creating the shape of the mask and the box
highlights. my highlights was the dance in the end.then showing it off
?'s.why did we have the topic.why did we haft to make the peace of art challenge was the amount of time to get it on.and trying to move fast
links. i was dom at dancing but my mum and dad said i was wearable art looked bad but then i got help and then it looked great

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Te reo homework

There is 1 caller and the rest of the people are listening to his or her commands.  If the caller says maui everyone has to run to there left side the last person there or if you run the wrong way they are out

Monday, 14 September 2015

My wearable art and plan

I am hurclules 

for my wearable art i used a spear box.
then i shortened it
i painted it white then black
sam helped me draw out some abbs and then i cut it out
i painted them grey and then i pva glued it on
logan helped me cut the mask then we cut holes on the side
then we cut out a peace of string then we tided it on
and then i painted it black
then quentin gave me something for a beard
and now im finished.this is how much it has changed 


Sorry if it is not clear

Reading.w.a.l.t create an invention to solve the case

Sorry it is not is a sock detector it finds socks in hidden spaces

I think he is in between developing and proficient